WTF is this?

     I often inadvertently find myself in that awkward situation where I say something that, to me, seems completely normal and agreeable only to have it met with gasps and looks of disgust.  Then, after a moment of uncertain silence I innocently ask, “What?”

     This is usually the point in the conversation  that I find out that while I thought my opinion to be simple and unobjectionable other people can be exceptionally stupid and emotional  where I rediscover the wondrous variety of opinions people can avail themselves of.  Here, in this moment of revelation, I find myself again in an unintended conversation that almost inevitably becomes a debate and often threatens to devolve into an argument, or worse.

So, in an obvious and somewhat disturbing quest for self-abuse I have now started a blog which allow anonymous people worldwide to chime in.  May God have mercy on us all…


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